In the event you are trying to find great Indian food come and stop by Alhamra. Let yourself be drawn in from the tantalizing scent of curry to have a casual, authentic Indian dining experience.

Alhamra Interior We direct our exceptional tradition right into a graciously straightforward menu featuring hearty, warm platters spilling over having a serious nod toward vegetarian and vegan choices, with ample pieces of Mediterranean treats.

Alhamra Resaurant is located in SF's diverse Mission District.

3083 16th Street, San Francisco, California

Every day:

Delicious Curry by Alhamra Baladie Gourmet Cafe owners, Nick Bazlamit and brothers Mike, have been preparing our delicious menu items every morning to ensure freshness and the greatest quality.

Spicy feast of Alhamra Our welcoming and warm rustic interior sports family, graceful arches -style chairs as well as an attractive hand-painted mural of Petra, the Lost City of Stone.